Cleveland Coworking Sites

Here’s a list of Coworking sites in the Cleveland area. If you know of others, please contact me and ask me to add.


Don’t forget that libraries frequently offer free Wi-Fi and desk space.

Shaker Height’s library is opening a space for home-based “flexecutives”.

Tri-C’s Corporate College East

After booting out COSE, Tri-C opened a Key Entrepreneur Development Center in 2010 as a shared office space.

CoWork Cleveland


Emmett McDermott appears to be looking for space in Ohio City and/or downtown.

Junto Room


It’s not clear if Kyle Napierkowski is pursuing this any further at this time.

The Open Office


On 1/29/11, their website was having difficulties, not sure if this project is a “go” or not. Contact Andrew Auten.

Office Net Central

ONC is open, but not a traditional (is there such a thing?) coworking site. You can find them at 12414 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland.

Olfactory Space

Web Site

Looks like they’re searching for space on the near-east side. Also looks like they want to cater to creative/art clients. This may be the same as The Open Office.

78th Street Studios

Very arts-centric; already operational on Cleveland’s west side.

Launch House


It’s hard to call them a coworking site. More VC firm, incubator, coffeeshop, office park, accelerator. They’re opening a site in Shaker Heights.

Just announced that they’re offering seats/coffee/wifi for $30/month.

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